‘Don’t do it’: Scott Morrison tells banks not to pass on budget levy to customers

Australian Treasurer Scott Morrison has urged the nation’s banks not to pass on a large new tax to their customers. Australia’s five biggest banks were the biggest losers in Mr Morrison’s budget.

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The nation’s most powerful financial bosses launched an unprecedented attack on the $6.2 billion levy on banks unveiled in the Budget, ­accusing Treasurer Scott Morrison. message to customers about.

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Treasurer Scott Morrison had pleaded with the banks not to pass the levy costs on to customers, telling executives the public "already don’t like you very much".

politics Budget bank levy will be absorbed by customers, sector tells Treasury. Treasurer Scott Morrison had pleaded with the banks not to pass the levy costs on to customers, telling executives the public "already don’t like you very much". How do you not pass on a requirement for a.

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SCOTT MORRISON, TREASURER: Morning Barrie. CASSIDY: Will you accept some of the blame if the banks pass. not the silliest idea anyway because you’ve still got a need to repair the Budget. MORRISON:.

Banks have been warned not to pass on to their customers a new $6 billion levy being imposed by the government to balance the federal budget, Treasurer Scott Morrison says. A day after the budget.

Treasurer Scott Morrison has slapped down a demand by the banks that the new .2 billion tax be lifted as soon as the budget was back in surplus, saying the major bank levy would be permanent.